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moonandwind's Journal

Moon and Wind
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Sailor Moon
Welcome to my Sailor Moon rpg
The rpg will be HarukaxUsagi pairing!
Pairings for the other senshi are open too


After Galaxia's defeat, the senshi are all given a second chance at a normal life. Usagi wishes only to have her friends and herself no longer have to have the responsibility of saving the world. As they come of age though, stange things start happening. Young women are disappearing at a alarming rate and showing up dead days later. It seems someone is experimenting on these girls, but why? What are they looking for? Meanwhile, a mysterious figure shows up in Juuban and quickly becomes known as "Sailor V". To awaken them, a new set of senshi arrive with their Princess who has come in hopes of joining forces with Serenity, but she finds that the future isn't as it should be. The girls were never awakened. Now, the Starlights must not only fight this new evil from a planet that isn't theirs...they must also train and find the senshi...but most importantly the princess. All pairings ae formed in the present...there is no predestined love here.

Cast list
Tsukino usagi-pgsm_usagi
Aino Minako-idol_dreaming
Hino Rei
Mizuno Ami
Kino Makoto-stormcloud_love
Chiba Mamoru-open
Outer Senshi
Tenou Haruka-dianachan
Kaiou Michiru-sea_swept_tides
Tomoe Hotaru - senshi_rebirth
Meiou Setsuna
Kou Seiya
Kou Yaten
Kou Taiki-trinity_sin
Alex - alex_tenou

Character you are applying for:
A example of your role playing skill.
Post applications on the journal site under a lj-cut with the name of your character.